How meaningful are family photos really?
Well, if your house was burning (let’s just hope that never happens) what would be the few things you would really want to save? (Let’s assume everyone you live with is safe and you don’t have to worry about them.)

I don’t know what your answer is but I know what mine is. It wouldn’t be all my clothes, my new favourite decor piece or even my camera. If I’m totally honest, it would be my hard drives with all my photos and our photo albums.
Because family photos are some of the most precious possessions one can have. I know I’m a little biased as a photographer but hear me out.
They hold in them moments in time that can never. be. repeated. If you’re sentimental like me, this is where you cue the tears.😭

How many times have you sat down to look through a childhood photo album and had a “Oh I remember this, I had totally forgotten about it!” kinda moment?
For me, that’s almost every time I look through childhood albums.
Photos trigger in our brains something that brings back memories. Memories that we might never have thought about again and eventually forgotten over time. They help us remember loved ones who have passed away, relive special moments, and appreciate the people & places in our lives that have shaped us into who we are.

Family photos allow us to share a legacy with future generations.

They are a way to pass down stories and memories to children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
If you want to think of them this way, they are portals to the past; allowing us to connect future generations with past or current generations. Helping them understand their roots and place in the family.

I have been writing about family photos, but this applies to couple and anniversary photoshoots just as much! Every season of life is special for one reason or another.

Photos are a precious and irreplaceable part of our lives. So, the next time you pull out an old family album, take a moment to appreciate the memories and stories that it holds. And don’t forget to keep taking new photos, so that you can continue to capture and cherish the moments that matter most.

Manitoba family photoshoot

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