As a Manitoba couple and family photographer, I shoot at a lot of different locations in/around Winnipeg and the surrounding Southeast Manitoba areas. Here’s a compilation of what I consider to be some of the best Manitoba photo locations to shoot at. I hope this is helpful to you!

Manitoba’s Best Photoshoot Locations #1: Birds Hill Provincial Park

If you’ve done any research on the best Manitoba photo locations before, you have most likely come across Birds Hill Provincial Park already. This is mostly thanks to it’s large size and open spaces.

I love shooting at Birds Hill because of the space! Even though just about every photographer loves to shoot there, there’s still plenty of space to get stunning outdoor photos. There are plenty of spots to choose from so you don’t get people in the background.

Birds Hill Provincial Park is great for every season of the year! It does requires a provincial park pass for your vehicle though. You can buy a day pass HERE! Make sure you have a google maps pin before your shoot for the specific spot you’re planning on meeting your photographer, as the park is too big to simply drive around and hope to find each other. :)

Best Manitoba shoot locations - Family sessions
Manitoba couple photography | Best locations

Photoshoot Location in Manitoba #2: Flower Farm

This might just be my favourite of all the options! A place that many people might not think of as photoshoot location is a local flower farm or flower garden. I’ve shot at a few of these so far and have some bookings for more this summer! Flower gardens combined with elegant flowy dresses result in the most stunning photos! Something to note is that these locations do have a rental fee so they will add a small amount to your session fee. But your photos will be so stunning that it will definitely be worth it!

Here’s some of my favourite flower farms in Manitoba:

  1. Windy Gale Gardens
  2. Charlie May Farms
  3. Lily Stone Gardens
  4. Miss Millie’s Flower Farm
Steinbach photoshoot locations | Anna Froese Photography
Best Steinbach photoshoot locations | Manitoba flower farm
Steinbach flower farm photoshoot locations

Manitoba’s Best Photoshoot Locations #3: Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

Another one of the best Manitoba photo locations has got to be the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg! From the English Gardens, to the Pavilion and walkways lined with trees, this park has so many great photo spots! In the past, I have shot lots of wedding photos here and think it’s a great spot for shoots as well!

Wedding photos at Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg - Manitoba Photo Locations
Assiniboine Park Winnipeg | Best photoshoot location

If you’re wanting a photoshoot in the Winter, the Leaf is an awesome indoor option and is also located in the Assiniboine park. In order to shoot at the Leaf, tickets would need to be bought online ahead of time. You can buy tickets HERE for a photoshoot or simply to explore this new attraction.

Indoor photography locations - The Leaf, Winnipeg

Best Locations for Photoshoots in Manitoba #4: Beaches – Grand Beach or St. Malo Beach

If you’re looking for a nice neutral, background for your outdoor photos, the beach is a perfect option! I love shooting at Grand Beach. There’s so much space to shoot and lots of wide open sky. Something to keep in mind though, is that it’s a bit of a drive from the Steinbach area.

For something closer, St. Malo Beach is a great option! In the middle of summer it can be pretty busy so shooting would be a little difficult with all the crowds, but it’s a perfect location for Spring, early Summer and fall!

Couple photos at Grand Beach - Manitoba Photo Locations
Grand Beach, Manitoba photography location
Manitoba photography locations - St. Malo Beach

Best photo locations in Manitoba #5: Trappist Monastery

The Trappist Monastery Ruins are located on the outskirts of Winnipeg. This location can give a very unique look to your photos. The ruins give a look to photos that can’t be be found in many other places in Manitoba. Theres also a fence and open green area on the side of the park for a more typical photo location.

Winnipeg photoshoot locations | Trappist Monastery Ruins
Trappist Monastery Ruins | Family photoshoot

Best Locations for Photoshoots in Manitoba #6: Old Pinawa Dam

The Old Pinawa Dam is an awesome photo location that’s so different from all the rest! This is not just another bush or field; it’s a super rocky area that has a totally different look than the typical Manitoba prairies. You don’t need to do any driving between locations in order to get lots of variety if you’re shooting here! Once again, this location is a bit of a drive from both Steinbach and Winnipeg and you do need a provincial park pass, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing your location.

Manitoba Photo Locations - Pinawa Dam

Manitoba’s Best Photoshoot Locations #7: Tourond Creek Discovery Centre

Tourond Creek Discovery Centre is a great Manitoba photo location, specifically in the season of Fall. There’s many trees here that make fall photoshoots colourful and fun! I have to say though, this is not a great location for Spring or early Summer! I have come here in Spring and ended up with wood ticks all over my legs. Let’s just say, taking photos here would not be pleasant during tick season.

This is a great option for Fall though if you’re located in the Steinbach area and are hoping to have a short drive to your photoshoot location!

Manitoba family photography

To book a photoshoot with me at any one of these locations and get your own beautiful photos, fill out my short contact form HERE! I’m so excited to connect with you!

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