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Best Photography Business Tools and Programs You Need!

If you’re just starting up a photography business and are trying to find the best tools and programs to help you run your business smoothly and professionally, you’re in the right place!

Here are some links (and discounts) to my favourite programs and tools that I use regularly as a lifestyle photographer. Let’s get into it.

Photography business tool #1: Client Relations Management – Honeybook

First things first, you need a program for your client relationship management. No more of those paper contracts that you have to send back and forth. No more losing emails in the middle of tons of other email threads. The program I use to manage my projects is called Honeybook.

Honeybook allows you to create a client pipeline that shows you what booking stage your projects are in at anytime. It also allows you to set up automations, schedule photoshoots and meetings as well as sending emails, questionnaire’s and guides. And of course, you can also send secure digital contracts and invoices. All this in one program! Seriously, I use this program in my business every single work day. If you would like to give Honeybook a shot, here’s a 25% discount off your first year with them.

Photography business tool #2: Online Photography Gallery – CloudSpot

An online gallery is crucial to the success of your photography business. You definitely don’t want to be making folders on Google Drive and sharing your photos that way (like I did at the start… oops)! CloudSpot is a beautiful online gallery that looks professional and is cost effective. They are also in the process of adding a CRM to the program at no additional cost. If you are located in the USA, it’s already up and running for you to use. Use my affiliate link to get 20% off your first monthly or annual plan when you sign up HERE.

#3: Photography Friendly Website – ShowIt

This stunning website is made in ShowIt. And if you ask me, they are the only website builder you ever need as a photographer! ShowIt allows you to drag and drop your photos and text wherever you like. You’re not limited to the blocks that other many other website builders use and you don’t have to know a thing about coding. Click here if you’d like to try it free for a month and see what the hype is all about! While you’re there, check out their many beautiful website templates!

#4: Heirloom Albums – Dekora

If you are looking to offer albums to your clients, Dekora is a Canadian company that hand makes the beautiful heirloom albums that my clients get. Keep in mind that Dekora only works with photography businesses and doesn’t sell albums to individuals. I don’t have an affiliate link and get nothing from referring you to them but I love them and think you will too!

#5: Digital DesignerCanva

Canva is the digital design program that I use for pretty much everything! This is one of those photography business tools you NEED! From PDF guides to instagram stories and posts, there are so many things in my business that I couldn’t do without Canva. One of the best parts, you don’t have to pay to try it! They have a free account that you can start with until you know for sure that it’s worth the upgrade to the premium account.

#6: Photo EditingImagen AI

An AI editing program where you upload 3000 images that are fully edited in your style (you upload the photos in their Lightroom catalog), and the AI learns your editing style. From there, you can upload unedited catalogs and Imagen does the heavy lifting.

Here’s how I use it: I upload my culled gallery into Imagen AI and let it apply my edit to all the photos. Then I download the edits and make adjustments to fine tune every photo. A great thing about this is that once you finish with a gallery, you just re-upload it and Imagen will learn from the changes you made and do better next time! Speed up your turnaround time by handing over the tedious task, while still doing the creative fine tuning of your editing!
Get 1500 free edits by SIGNING UP HERE! (no credit card required so you literally can’t lose!)

If there’s any photography business tools or programs I missed, don’t hesitate to reach out! I might even have a discount code and have forgotten to add it here. :)

*The links with a discount are affiliate links*

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